Naghmeh was born on 8th March 1976. She went blind on 16 due to RP disease. Despite the severe mental blow she bore, she started to learn Braille and continued her education in exceptional schools with the help and support of her mother and sister. She has M.A. in sociology. She got married in 2003 and has two sons. Nima was born in 2008 and Nikan in 2012. Nima suffers from severe autism and Nikan has a verbal delay and requires rehabilitation interventions as well. She is a mother of two autistic children which is a difficult role but besides this role, she sometimes works. She has directed 4 documentary movies so far. It is difficult to keep the home neat since her sons are not able to do their personal duties. A blind woman in Iran has a lot of limitations and besides this situation. In addition to it, her sons` condition is added to her own limitations.