Works in progress

The Airport
Human being would like to achieve the whole of anything around… entirety of any state and the best form of their wishes…
“Flight” was an unattainable wish for a while, but now it is a must in contemporary life, impossible to ignore it…
The airports are like cities, the cities whose inhabitants are continuously flying… to fulfill human being old wish with giant metal airplanes.
The airports are no longer a place to fulfill the need to fly, now these city-like places are associated with “going” and “coming” in the mind of   a 21st-century human.
A place where passengers aim to leave their city and no longer get back there or leave and get back after a while.
The temporary inhabitants of these cities are like glassy containers full of visible emotions and feelings. Sorrow, fear, excitement, wait, … can be easily observed in their faces.
A place wherein people move to different destinations and do not attempt to conceal their internal feelings.
This photo collection was gathered in different small and large airports in the world, trying to record and share an explicit image of the temporary inhabitants of the airports.
The photos were taken in international airports of Nepal, Afghanistan, Iran, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Netherland, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey.