The broken chain

Pari, she was my grandma… mother of my mother
She had a significant and deep role in my life, the memories of my childhood until adolescence are all full of her presence.
When I was on a trip, I came to know that she had had a brain attack.
When I returned home, everything had changed and she was no longer as fresh as she was!
She was unable to do her work personally, while in the past she did them by herself.
It was bothering me to see her in that situation, completely disabled!
It was difficult to admit the truth and I was not reluctant to change her strong image in my mind.
I did not record this sorrowful moment as a sign of my relief, but I attempted to see more of someone’s life. When I left home for a long journey, she was passing the hardest days, her last days in this world.
I was too far from her, on the other side of the oceans when grandma Pari left this world.
Now she is no longer with me and what has remained from her is my childhood memories and the last photos I took of her.