Works in progress

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, said that “ you cannot step into the same river twice, as at the second time both the water and your feet have changed. The world and all of its elements are constantly changing and nothing is stable! Whether willingly or by force, we are just facing changes, from one mood to another, from one land to another land, and from one friend to the other one.
Needless to say it is the nature of the world and you cannot escape from it. But there are some people who do not think change is a “Must” in the world, they themselves choose to change. This change can be found in the face and appearance of a person.
Farzam, the main character of this portrait collection, is an LGBT who is unbelievably interested in changing his face by wearing make-up. He is called a drag queen and at the weekends he spends his whole time to appear with a new and different face. It is strange and mysterious to see his attention, obsession, delicacy, and passion to act like the other sex. I cannot find any logical answer to this behavior and I simply convince myself with one answer: a desire to change, the desire and instinct whose origin is not clear to me. What should not be ignored in this transformation of the face is the transformation of identity. Farzam should act as another person for some hours, and his identity is passionately looking for changes, exactly like what the Greek philosopher said, and this change can appear in his face and body.